Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Checking In

Hello, all!

You may have noticed that my updates are getting pretty few and far between - I'm not killing off the blog, though!  The Spring semester begun last month, and I've had some things going on in my personal life that started last semester, so it's been pretty hectic over here for a while now and I'm not sure when they'll start  getting more back to normal.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to send out an RAK for December OR January, but I didn't receive any, either, so I don't feel quite as bad about it.  I am determined to send out more than one the next time I feel like I will be able to definitely participate, to make up for it.  I did not sign up for February RAK, just in case it turned out like last month and I wouldn't be able to send anything out.

I just realized today that last Friday was my blog-o-versary.  I wanted to do something special for it, but obviously that did not happen!  So the next time I get a chance to do something fun for you guys, I plan to go as all-out as possible to try and incorporate everything exciting I missed celebrating in the meantime. :P

Bottom line is that I am absolutely still doing reviews!  But readings for school are my first priority, so they may be spaced a little farther apart than I would have liked.  I'm still going to try for my reading challenge goals for the year, but I might have to read non-stop during the summer to catch up if this semester doesn't give me any more free time! Memes will be posted as I have time for blogging if it's not a review, but where the blog is concerned, I feel reviews have higher priority (of course) so the extras are going to be cut back for a little while.

So happy almost-mid-February, everyone, and happy reading!


  1. Studies are important so don't worry and take your time, we will wait and enjoy all post you give us when you give them that's all^^

    take care