About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog, Here Be Bookwyrms!  My name is Colleen, and I'm a 29-year-old recent college graduate in Texas.  I received my BA in Anthropology with minors in linguistics and criminal justice, and am in the process of continuing my education:  this year, I have begun a graduate certificate program in Forensic Death Investigation.  A lot of people were surprised that I did not study English, since I've always been such an avid reader!  Alas, I do have other interests besides reading, and I don't need a degree in English to continue reading to my heart's content, or to share my thoughts on what I read. :P

I enjoy reading books from all genres, and yes, that does include various topics in non-fiction! Of course, those topics would have to be something I'm already interested in, or else I might end up getting kind of bored with it.  What ARE these interests?  Well, to list them broadly and in no particular order:  genealogy, animals, linguistics, anthropology, metaphysics/the paranormal, sociology, and history.  With regards to history, I'm especially interested in topics that tie in somehow to my heritage (hey, I DID say I'm into genealogy!) - I'm made up of unequal parts Irish, Scottish, Polish, and French (which became French-Canadian back when they were busy colonizing).  There are a couple of American Indians thrown into the mix, thanks to intermarriage with my French-Canadian ancestors, but not enough (and too long ago) for me to really consider myself a part of whatever-tribe-it-was (I think Chippewa, but I could be mistaken).  

I mainly started this blog for myself, to keep track of what I read and what my thoughts were on each title - but I was (and still am) also excited about the prospect of sharing what I've read with others, and I do now also accept titles for review! If you're an author or a publisher, and you have review copies of a book you think might be a good fit for this blog, please feel free to contact me by email at here.be.bookwyrms@gmail.com.

Some other interests that I didn't list above are:  My Little Pony; dolls; science fiction movies and TV shows; video games (mostly RPG and some strategy, though I do dabble in FPS as well); travel; photography; arts & crafts; baking (though I only bake very rarely); music (as with books, my taste in music varies widely - on my iPod, you'll find songs ranging from showtunes to Buddy Holly to DragonForce to Tilly and the Wall to classical, and so on).

I hope you enjoy my blog, and I hope that regardless of your own taste in books, you will find something you like!  I encourage anyone to please comment or drop me an email if you have any tips, recommendations, comments, questions, or just want to say hi!