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Places listed are all clickable links.

- Book Club -

- Bookish Things -
Book Crossing
Book Mooch
Fantasy Faction
Good Reads
Google Books
Library Thing

- Good Places To Buy Books - 
Barnes & Noble
Better World Books
The Book Depository
Borders ~RIP~
Chronicle Books
Half Price Books
Recycled Books (in Denton, TX)
*and don't forget, most antiques shops have a section for books!

- Research -
Google Scholar
Library of Congress Online Catalog
Oxford English Dictionary Online
Science Direct
Web of Knowledge
*if you are a student, and you have trouble accessing these materials from your home, try using a computer at the public library or on campus at your school - I am able to access them just fine when logged onto a computer at my school's library.

- Reviewer Resources - 

Parajunkee Design

- Blogger Resources - 

- Periodicals -

- Just Some Fun Things -