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Homeland by R.A. Salvatore is the first book in the Dark Elf Trilogy. A prequel of sorts to the Icewind Dale Trilogy, Salvatore treats us to an intimate look at Drizzt's beginnings. Starting with events just before Drizzt's birth, we are shown who the drow are and where they come from. As Drizzt grows up, he and his family know that he is different. To his family, however, that is not a good thing. In a society ruled by chaos and the cruel Spider Queen the drow worship as their patron goddess, there is no room for such things as compassion or friendship.

We get to follow along in this in-depth introduction to the evil drow - the dark elves, as Salvatore's most beloved character finds himself and realizes the horrible truth about his people. And, as I have come to expect from Salvatore after reading the Icewind Dale Trilogy, the central characters are not necessarily the only ones who are well developed - I have yet to come across anyone flat and uninteresting.

There is a lot of action in this book (as should be expected - it is in this book that Drizzt is trained to become the exquisite fighter he is known to be), so I can only imagine how engaging the following books will be! Very much looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy - and the rest of Salvatore's books.



Wizards of the Coast

Series Info: What came before this book? What's next?
The Dark Elf Trilogy
* Homeland (Book 1)
- Exile (Book 2)
- Sojourn (Book 3)

The Legend of Drizzt
* Homeland (Book 1)
- Exile (Book 2)
- Sojourn (Book 3)

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