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So as you can tell, my hiatus did not last too very long. I got through the first week of the fall semester, and I think I'll be good to do posts - this term I haven't got any extra books to read for my classes, but don't think that means I will be posting less non-fiction! It just means I will have more time for fiction, which I know is what most people are probably more interested in anyway.

So! My first post back, and I'd like to talk about Sojourn, the final book in R.A. Salvatore's Dark Elf Trilogy. As you may remember from the Exile, Drizzt has left the city of his people, the evil drow and has now emerged from the Underdark into the surface world. This is perhaps the most challenging part of his journey since leaving Menzoberranzan, as all he knows about the surface are the stories he has been told by his people - stories which he has come to suspect are perhaps all lies. Either way, he must find out about his new surroundings on his own.

Sooner rather than later, Drizzt realizes that evil exists even outside the realm of the drow, and he is determined still to deviate from their ways - though he also discovers that the reputation of his heritage will be an obstacle to his pursuit of a different life.

I think this was my favourite book of the trilogy - I really enjoyed following along as Drizzt experiences the surface for the first time. There are some more exciting action scenes, and Drizzt makes some more friends - and some enemies as well. The end of the book leads into the Icewind Dale trilogy; he makes his way there when he is told Ten-Towns is a place for outcasts.

I've said it before, and I will say it again now - if you enjoy fantasy, I really recommend you give R.A. Salvatore a read. His characters are completely dynamic; the more I read, the more I feel I know them and the more I want to know. The action is exciting and the storylines are fresh - I could sit and read these books straight through for hours, but when I have to put them down, I can't wait to pick them up again to find out what happens next. Really looking forward to reading another of Salvatore's work in the future.



Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

Series Info: What came before this book? What's next?
The Dark Elf Trilogy
- Homeland (Book 1
- Exile (Book 2
* Sojourn (Book 3

The Legend of Drizzt
- Exile (Book 2)
* Sojourn (Book 3)
- The Crystal Shard (Book 4)

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