Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hello, all!

Whether you are a fellow bibliophile, or you just kind of stumbled upon Here Be Bookwyrms, welcome!

To give you a little sense of who I am, my name is Colleen. I'm a college student in Texas, studying anthropology and linguistics. I love to read, and have loved reading ever since I was a very young child. I know that is the story for most of us. :)

Basically, I decided to start this blog to write reviews of the books I read. Even though I have more than enough books in my personal library to not ~need~ to be looking for any more additions for a while, I am always interested in recommendations! I also like knowing what other people thought of the same books I have read...whether or not I liked them, I'm interested to know what someone else's opinion is and why they do or don't agree with me. If you happen to disagree with something in one of my reviews, I hope you will make a comment! It's always nice to have another point of view, as long as it doesn't turn into a flame war.

I am not an expert and do not pretend to be. I don't have a degree in English (nor am I majoring in it) and I'm not in the publishing business. My reviews are purely my own personal, honest opinions, and as my Disclosure Policy states, I am not being paid for this and do not intend to be; I really cannot stress enough that even if I do receive some kind of compensation in the future, it will not sway my review in any way.

Anyway, so I will be working on getting some reviews up as soon as possible, and I hope you enjoy reading!

If you haven't poked around the links on my sidebar, please do. The Resources page lists places where I buy books, a few fun sites for book lovers, and some informational resources as well.

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