Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Christmas, Teddy Beddy Bear

My mom was going through Christmas books, I guess to see if there were any she might take to work for her class, and she came across one of my old books:  Merry Christmas, Teddy Beddy Bear by Don E. Plumme and illustrated by Morgan, Inc.  Teddy Beddy is Adam's bear, and they do everything together.  One day, Adam's mother takes them downtown to see the big Christmas tree, and they get to look at the toys in the department store while they're there.  A sales clerk sees how shabby Teddy Beddy is and shows Adam all the brand new bears.  Teddy Beddy starts to worry - does Adam want a new bear for Christmas?

This book is adorable and very short, which is perfect for young children with tiny attention spans.  If you don't know who Teddy Beddy is, or you think he is vaguely familiar, but can't remember - Teddy Beddy was a stuffed bear released by Fisher Price in the 1980s.  I had one, and I also got two - yes, two - of the Teddy Beddy Bear blankie puppets.  Their names are Baby and Baby-Baby, and I always had one with me, just like Adam takes Teddy Beddy with him.  I think people call those kinds of toys a kid's "lovey."

This book might be a little harder to find, since they don't make Teddy Beddy Bear anymore, but you can find it used online, I'm sure, and you might get lucky in used bookstores or charity shops.  It's definitely worth a look, because Teddy Beddy Bear is adorable, and if you didn't have one you missed out.  Sure, he wasn't as fancy as Teddy Ruxpin, but at least you didn't have to worry about Teddy Beddy Bear breaking when you tried to play a cassette tape in him that wasn't a Teddy Ruxpin tape.  And you can't beat the portability of Teddy Beddy blankie bear.

What are some Christmas stories you enjoyed as a child?  We had the classics too, but it was really nice to revisit Teddy Beddy Bear again.


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