Sunday, October 2, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Today I received my first blog award! Thanks so much to Niina over at For the Love of Reading for giving this to me! For being so new on the blog circuit, this really means a lot to me!

When receiving this award, there are just a few things you do next:

1. Thank and link the blogger who nominated you (this seems like it would go without saying, though!)
2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
3. Spread the love! Pass the award on to five other bloggers. Make sure to contact and congratulate them!

This is such a nice way to let a fellow blogger know you think they're doing a good job. :)

So, seven random things about me? Let's see...

1. I have collections other than books - My Little Pony, nail polish, and quirky action figures are a few.
2. I'm working on escaping from Texas to the East Coast. Just have to finish up my undergrad first!
3. I am a Cat Lady who, until fairly recently, was without cat. My new baby's name is Lyra.
4. I grew up a Navy Brat, so we moved around a lot, and I don't really consider myself to have a hometown.
5. I don't have any kids of my own (yet), but I do have a beautiful, intelligent niece whom I absolutely adore.
6. I'm 26, but I still don't know completely what I'm going to be when I grow up. Quarter-life crisis, anyone?
7. I really want to learn how to sail someday.

And my five nominations are:
1. Cialina @ Muggle Born
2. Rachel @ Paper Cuts
3. Fishy @ The Reading Fish
4. Emily @ Books and Threads
5. Mary Ann & Gabby @ Chapter By Chapter

Stop by their blogs and check them out!